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BSA is a single provider of all building energy and sustainability needs. We deliver turnkey projects with guaranteed long term energy performance outcomes, assisting businesses across a variety of industries to automate their assets and make wise investment decisions.

BSA helps clients all around Australia to shape a more resilient energy future. Our holistic, national service uses innovative design, market leading energy modelling and monitoring technologies, delivered by internal certified building service and automation engineers.

Key Capabilities:

  • Zero capital outlay energy management solutions
  • Site and energy assessments and audits to AS3598:2014 Australian Standard
  • Internal NABERS, NEBB, IPMVP, FPA, RPEQ and VBA practitioners
  • Energy metering, monitoring and analytics
  • Building automation including building management systems (BMS), internet of things (IoT) solutions
  • Data modelling technologies (e.g. digital twins) for assessing energy efficiency opportunities
  • Demand management applications such as demand response and demand flexing
  • Commercial grade solar PV and battery implementation to turn energy cost into savings and potential revenue generation
  • Project management and delivery of sustainable upgrade projects
  • Development of landlord and tenant benefit schemes
  • Managed services and guaranteed energy performance outcomes (e.g. NABERS ratings)
  • Financing options and leasing arrangements – funded, cashflow positive strategies
  • Understanding and managing government subsidies
  • Ongoing system operation, maintenance and optimisation
Management Strategy

Develop an energy management strategy.

We develop energy management strategies and business cases to support our clients’ investments in energy reduction projects. Qualified BSA Energy Advisors examine facility and asset energy consumption, quality, condition and operational efficiency. We report on sustainable upgrades, capex, maintenance forecasts and resulting cost savings.

Measure, manage and verify potential energy savings.

Harness the power of data to drive decision making. BSA designs and implements building automation, sensing and software solutions that provide the tools for measuring and managing energy. We are giving our clients access to more data than ever before, with simplified visibility across assets, sites and portfolios.

Best of breed digital twin simulation supports BSA to analyse energy opportunities before implementation. We also assist our clients to develop a Measurement and Verification (M&V) Plan to establish baseline data and manage ongoing performance and energy savings.

Energy Savings
Project Financial Models

Access innovative project financial models.

Our end to end capability comes with commercial advantages for our clients. BSA can bundle solutions into comprehensive, long term energy performance contracts (EPCs) and managed service models that incorporate sustainable upgrades and ongoing operations and maintenance with performance guarantees, funding arrangements and government incentives.

Design and deliver sustainable upgrades.

BSA has a strong and talented engineering team with some of the industries most experienced and outcome driven professionals. We are proud of our capability to design and construct innovative, integrated solutions combining multidiscipline services that achieve our clients’ goals. We are a trusted delivery partner for mechanical, fire, electrical, renewable energy, data and control projects.

Sustainable Upgrades
Life Cycle & Long Term

Manage the asset lifecycle and drive performance long term.

The final piece of BSA’s end to end model, closes the gap that independent energy services partners are unable to bridge alone. The most impactful energy strategies incorporate ongoing operations and maintenance – using BSA’s service team, our clients achieve better sustainability, financial and customer experience outcomes over the long term.


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